Soaps - Varieties
  • Soaps - Varieties

    Our soaps are made from only natural oils as a base and other natural, sustainable and organic ingredients that truly keep skin soft, supple and cleansed.
    Most are unscented, but if we do add fragrances, only theraputic grade essential oils, moisturising milks and other sustainable oils like sweet almond and castor oil are used in the making of all our varieties, so you know your skin will feel refreshed and clean with no tighness or stinging.
    Goats Milk and Honey, Olive Castille Soap, 
    Cafe Maron,
    Smells Like A Mother, Triple Butter Soap, 
    Misty Mountain, Greenwood Gardener.... and there's even a soap for your muddy best mate - 
    Doggie Bath Soap!

      Our base soap is only ever Coconut Oil and Sodium Hydroxide.  Then we add other oils like, sweet almond, castor, avocado, shea butter, cocoa butter, depending on the recipe.  Only theraputic grade essential oils are used in the making and scenting of the soaps, but true to our nature, we dont put much in... and much prefer a natural scent or none at all! Each package has specific ingredients listed on it. If in doubt... just give us a ring!

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