Clay Masks - varieties
  • Clay Masks - varieties

    With 3 varieties to choose from: 
    Kaolin Clay with Honey & French Green Clay
    Clays have been used since ancient times and are the ultimate de-toxer!  
    Spread a lavish amount onto clean, just cleansed skin, relax for an hour while you put your feet up, then rinse off gently with cool water then pat skin dry.  
    Draws impurities from the skin including, heavy metals, chemicals from cosmetics, foundations and is perfect for acne prone skin.
    DO NOT USE METAL (SPOONS etc) TO EXRACT THE PRODUCTS FROM THE JARS - metal reacts to the clays as it reduces they’re effectiveness!
    Size: 200g Glass Jar
    • Ingredients:

      Bentonite Clay, Distilled Water, Vitamin E

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