Beard Balm - from $15
  • Beard Balm - from $15


    Hipsters, Tradies and Lumbersexuals UNITE!

    We’ve finally got your back with our brand new vegan, organic and natural Beard Balm!

    Extensive research and testing on my furry friends has given this 2 thumbs up!


    Contains gorgeous manly scents of Cedarwood, Wild Orange and Patchouli combined with our own Beeswax, Shea and Mango Butter to give your luxe beard a soft, satin sheen and your skin that ‘no itch’ feel.


    Available in:  40g black tin $15 and 200g black tin $40

    • How to Use?

      This gorgeous stain Beard Balm is totally natural and organic.  Made from our own beeswax, shea butter and theraputic grade essential oils.  The satin sheen controls your beard, softens the skin, relieves itching and leaves your beard with a subtle manly scent that is complimentary to our other scents in the mens grooming range.  

      Simply run your fingernail along the balm and extract the same amount as a 5c peice.  Warm between your hands, then distribute through your beard and other facial hair.

    Beard Balm