• Greenwood Farm

Wow.... its 2019!

Cant believe its a new year already... where did 2018 go!

Welcome to a brand new year!

We're so excited to be here and also in our new place! If you haven't already heard, we have a brand new property in Springbrook, 2922 Springbrook Road. We're right at the end of Springbrook Road at Goomahlara Falls... a peaceful and relaxing spot away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

There were so many reasons to move the Farm, the driveway, the road, the space... Now we are able to do more and cater to our visitors and clients better. The location is beautiful. We are within walking distance to the falls, rockpools, bbq areas and right on the escarpment at 950m above sea level... the view is breathtaking!

It was a crazy end to the year, with packing up, unpacking, Christmas, Kids and of course setting up Greenwood Farm.. its not just a simple house move. There's the school, the farm gate, the bees, the shed, the workshop and the kitchen! Exhausting? You bet!

The magical, mystery of Springbrook

For 2019 there are a few changes...... a slower pace if you like. Our school and classes will be the feature of the Farm. Cooking, Bees, Sewing and Knitting will take a more prominent role, while our Grazing Tables, Wedding Floristry and Baking will take a back seat.... we still do those things, but we don't heavily advertise them. Our Airbnb is back! We wanted our guests to truly make a weekend out of their visit and experience all the farm and Springbrook has to offer. Our Farm Gate will be open, but we need to stop every so often to enjoy life a bit more. See our friends, children and grandchildren, head to town, see movies, shows and life in general! Our social media holds all the info, so if you're headed up to say hello, check your Instagram www.instagram.com/greenwoodfarmfood or Facebook www.facebook.com/greenwoodfarmfood first, If we're away, it will say!

Having said that... we have so many surprises planned. Big Open Days, Long Lunches, Special baking days at our Farm Gate - Like Pies! More classes will be added to the Cooking School... you ask, we listened.

So while we're over 2018, and into 2019, its still a bit of an adventure, but we'll do

it with you, our Greenwood Farm family. Whatever this new year brings, I'm sure it will have our Greenwood Farm stamp on it and we'll head into it a little less stressed and with more enthusiasm and passion than ever before.

Until next time...... Happy Farming!