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Wintery Skin Fix!

We're right in the middle of Winter here in Australia, and I dont know about you, but my skin is feeling tight and dry. Lets have a look at what we can do to keep our skin soft, supple and get rid of that flaky, itchy skin!

For many people, the winter months bring a chronic feeling of dry skin. If you’re someone who’s constantly wielding new lotions and potions in the battle against itchy hands, arms and legs, the solutions may be simpler than you think.

While moisturising properly is important, dermatologists say there are some easy adjustments that can increase skins natural moisture level and prevent it from getting dehydrated. Lets take a look!


The most important factor in dry skin is your shower. In winter its easy to jump in and turn the hot water on to blast the chill away. Experts say that this can

harm more than hurt your skins delicate barrier. Limit your shower to 10 minutes and turn the temperature down a bit, as much as a heated pool would be.


The products you are using in the bath or shower can be having a huge effect on

your skin. Traditional soaps have an alkaline pH on the skin that can disrupt the naturally acidic surface of skin. Find a non soap cleanser that can restore the pH balance of the skin like EGO products or QV liquid soaps. I use this in Winter, and Summer, and it leave the skin soft and smooth.


So what about Skin Scrubs? Exfoliation can be helpful, and I should know, we make a gorgeous range of natural, organic and vegan body and face scrubs. Whether you use a brush, a scrub or a face washer, you may want to slightly taper off how many times a week you use them. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you.


Once you've taken your bath or shower or washed your face, then its time to

moisturise. Gently pat your skin dry, then apply your lotion while your skin is still damp. This gives it the best chance to be absorbed by dry skin. You can also do this trick for those dry hands and cuticles.

So which type of moisturiser do I use?

Great question! Thicker creams or butters with high oil contents are best for winter skin! We have a range of amazing Body Butters that will do the trick beautifully. I exclusively use these in winter and my skin thanks me for it! Check out our Shop, for your fave scent (or no scent) Body Butters. Whatever you use, love using it, then it will become easy! Dont over do it though, if your skin feels greasy or 'thick' just use the right amount to do the job.


In Springbrook our best friend is a Dehumidifier! Unless its Winter! If you've got a humidifier, use it in your bedroom while you sleep, it will increase the moisture in the air and your skin will soak all that in. It can also help with your mouth and nose, if you like to leave a window open a bit.


The amount of water you drink wont effect the skin's hydration level, but

according to experts trying to increase antioxidants and eating plenty of fatty acids in your diet will actually help to stimulate the healthy building blocks of skin cells.

So there you have it. Whichever method/s you choose to use, let them become a routine, before you know it, your skin will glow with good health and plenty of natural moisturisation and glow.

If your at all worried, book an appointment with a GP or dermatologist!

Got some secret Winter Skin Treat? Why not let me and everyone else know! Jump on and leave a message!

Until next time. Happy Farming!