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Vegan Treats... my fave Felafel recipe

I love vegan food! Its so wholesome, tasty and delicious. Today Im handing over my divine felafel recipe just for you. Cook up a huge batch then keep them in the fridge to grab for a quick snack, lunch or dinner.... I even served them at brekki!


1 can of chickpeas - drained and rinsed

1 brown onion - chopped roughly

big handful of parsley leaves

2 or 3 or 10 cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon plain flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1/2 teaspoon ground cardamon

pinch of black pepper - more if you love it

2 pinches of chilli flakes - more if you love that too!

vegie oil for frying them up


1 Place all ingredients (except oil - duh) in a food processor

2 Blitz ingredients until just combined, cause no-one likes baby food felafel, its gotta have some texture!

3 Stop the processor at regular intervals to scrape down the side of the bowl

4 Remove the blade and roll mix into evenly sized balls

5 Heat vegie oil in a non stick pan and fry felafel until golden brown

6 Serve them up immediately if you like them not, but these can be served at room temperature of even cold in a salad!

My fave ways of serving these for a quick dinner is to just pop them into wraps spread with garlicky hommous, layer up tomato, finely sliced red onion, tabbouleh, sliced lebanese cucumber and lettuce. A felafel is not complete until you have garlic yoghurt, and sweet chilli sauce..... cause you can!

Well there you have it. Garlicky Felafel... now go to it, and dont forget to tag us your pictures on social, cause I love seeing the results.

Until next time.... Happy Farming!