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Sourdough Bread Starter

Love trekking all the way to your local café for your morning coffee and a slice of amazing sourdough toast? I used to as well! Then I decided to make my own. That way I can wake up and enjoy the most amazing fresh bread!

Its easy to make your own sourdough bread..... just a little time consuming. In fact, you've got to start it 5 days before you'd like to eat it!

As sourdough is a live bacteria, it takes a bit of time and care to make what's called a starter.... some people call it a 'mother' or a 'monster', mine is just called the starter or base.

Its kept unrefrigerated for the first 5 days of its life.... once its starting to rise up over its pot.... its time to whack it in the fridge and bring it out on baking day an hour or two before you decide to bake - so it can come to room temperature!

So here we go..... the recipe for Greenwood Farm sourdough!

Day 1: Grab a large

Day 3: Things are getting a little funky... when you open it today, it should be starting to smell a little like brewed beer, that's cool! Its exactly what's sposed to happen! Like day 2, add 70g plain flour and 70 water (take your new measurement if not using the TARE button) pop the lid on and leave on the bench for another 24 hours.

Day 4: Ok... you get the hang of it now right.... do exactly the same thing.

Day 5: When you open the jar today... it should be full of bubbles and starting to rise up out of its new home! One final feed of 70g plain flour and 70g water. Lid back on for 24 more hours....

Day 6: Baking Day! Pull our your starter, then use it to bake your

bread... When you do use it in a recipe, you must ALWAYS replace what you've used. EG: My favourite recipe uses 125g of starter dough.... so after I've poured it in to my mixing bowl, ill quickly run the scale, TARE it, then add 62g plain flour and 62g of water.... give it a stir.. leave it on the bench for 1 hour, then pop it in the fridge until the next time I wish to make bread again.

So there you have it! Our famous Greenwood Farm sourdough starter... Like anything new, you may have some dramas until you learn a new skill.... that's cool!

If you do, just get back to me in the comments section, or on our social media pages... I'm always happy to help. Good luck, and happy baking!