• Greenwood Farm

Mothers Day 2020

What a different kind of Mothers Day it was for us all! Not being able to see our Mums, children, nannas.... I hope with the current season, you were able to visit your mum if you were within the 50km radius!

We had a cracker of a day on the Farm Stall Saturday, wishing many Mothers a great day with an almost sell out of our Mothers Day packs, we were getting orders right through to 7pm from locals, and it was great to meet many new friends who came all the way to Springbrook to shop.

We had the extra blessing of giving gorgeous mums from Glow Church these amazing little Bentonite Clay masks as well as a tube of our Chocolate Lip Balm. Usually they give the bags out as Mums walk through the door at Church service.... this year was a little different, they had a drive through shop! How fun is that! Each Mum received a fresh coffee, donuts, and a gift bag containing lots of little treats, including Greenwood Farm goodies. I love that we were able to be part of a special Mothers day for those girls!

As 3 of my kids are not on the Goldy, with Alexandra doing her Masters at RMIT in Melbourne and Nick and Jacob working in Brisbane, they all called me on video chat, it was so good to speak to them all. Paulie and Adam the only family on the coast, so they were it! We met up with Adam down at North Burleigh and social distanced ourselves while enjoying some sunshine, then it was off to Bunnings, and home for a movie night, and Paulie cooking dinner - a rare treat! It was a great way to spend Mothers Day.

Part of me gets a bit sad on Mothers Day really, as my Mother Janette died 30 years ago, I wonder how different life would of been with her there, the advice she would of given and the help she would of been with the kiddies when they were little. I always think of Mum on this day, and kinda know, she's watching down from heaven.

If you are a Mum, I hope you had the most wonderful of days, and enjoyed doing EXACTLY what you liked, and if your mum has passed, or your kids have left home, dont worry.... you're in good company!

Happy Mothers Day girls x