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Doggie Bath Day

Hey Farmers... Hasn't it been so hot lately? Our veggies, fruits and herbs are bolting straight to seed and its super hard to keep up with them.

Along with the rain and the heat, comes the dreaded FLEAS! We have 2 farm dogs. Mr Kippy (some call him Mr Nippy as being a Chihuahua he likes to take a nip occasionally (insert unhappy face right here)) and Miss Daisy aka.... Lazy Daisy. A scratch here, a nibble there and I know its time to treat them for fleas. I use this super easy to make soap that not only gets rid of fleas, but leaves them both smelling amazing and their coats shiny and healthy. Our soap is of course organic, and uses only therapeutic grade essential oils in the process. Read on for the recipe!

Not a soap maker? No worries! Why not sign up for our upcoming soapmaking class? $40 for a 1 hour lesson in making your own healthy, gorgeous smelling soap...... and it doesn't have to be for your doggie either! You get the lesson, the take home recipe, list of suppliers and after class support.... just in case you have any dramas! Stay tuned to your social media platforms for your link to sign up!


411g Coconut Oil

170g Olive Oil

42g Castor Oil

85g Canola Oil

240g Distilled Water (very cold or ice cubes)

99g Lye (sodium hydroxide)

7g Jojoba Oil

149g Aloe Vera Gel

7g Eucalyptus Oil

3.5g Peppermint Oil

7g Vitamin E Oil (trocopherol)

3.5g Lemongrass Oil

3.5g Tea Tree Oil

3.5g Cedarwood Oil


several sized glass bowls or fire king measuring bowls, silicone spatulas, digital scale (with a tare button) stick blender, silicone moulds like cake tins lined with baking paper


. Mix coconut, olive, castor and canola oil in a big glass bowl - I use one of those large fire king measuring bowls (Big W have them super cheap)

. Measure out your ice cubes or super cold distilled water into a smaller fire king or bowl *did you know that when we make soap, we always use grams not millilitres, as everything is by weight, not volume!

. Measure out all your other oils, gels and essential oils (use the tare facility on your digital scale - believe me... its heaps easier to do this rather than measure in a spoon or similar - their super cheap to buy online or from a discount store!) and set aside for later)

. INSERT SAFETY STATEMENT HERE: Lye is kinda dangerous! When using it, please use gloves, goggles/glasses, protective clothing and one of those fabric mask thingy's that hubby has in the garage!

. Measure out your lye in a separate smaller fire king and add to the cold or frozen water (don't panic if it starts to melt, the lye mixture will heat up, start to give off gasses and may change color) that's why we use the safety stuff. Mix gently making sure that you don't get any on your gorgeous farm dress until its completely clear and no grains of lye are left on the bottom of the bowl - not nice for doggies fur!

. Add the lye water to the oils and give it a mix for a few minutes.

. Pick up your stick blender (I've had several in my farm life... including a very expensive Kitchenaid one... that disappointingly fell apart, so now I just buy the cheapo's from Big W and Kmart... do you know... they actually work better than the expensive ones... think I paid $15 for the last one!) and blend away until it reaches the consistency of yogo... (not sure of what a yogo is? one of those pudding things that you put in your kiddies lunchbox everyday, hoping it will come back empty at the end of the day!) This is called trace.

. Once its at trace, stop the stick blender and rinse off straight away under the kitchen tap.

. Grab your oils, gels and essential oils you set aside earlier, and blend these into the pudding soap mix with a silicone spatula until thoroughly mixed in. It should be super thick and gluggy by now.

. Your ready to pour into your moulds or loaf tin (that's been lined with Glad Bake or similar).

. Set aside for 24/48 hours to harden up, you'll know its ready when you kinda poke it to check... I know... you cant help yourself!

. After 24/48 hours, turn out onto a chopping board and chop into bars that are a good size, you can make then anyway you want! Big, Small.... Doggie Sized....

. Then wait at least a week! I know its hard right.. you thought you could use them straight away? Naaaa, its best to wait until the lye has kinda incorporated into the soap, it helps to harden it up, and makes it last longer... who wants soggy soap.... as well as a soggy doggie!

And there you have it... I know it sounds like a lot to do, but once you get your stuff organised and measured, it goes together really quickly.

Need any help or advice? Were always here. Get in touch in the comments section, on the website, on social media or give us a call or email.... Were always happy to help!

Until next time... Happy Farming!