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Color Correcting.... a guide for a flawless face

If you've stepped into a make up store like Sephora or Mecca lately you'll have noticed multiple pastel coloured products that are made to put on your face to hide and conceal flaws. Every brand from Urban Decay to Almay has come up with Easter themed colors to hide flaws like redness, lack of sleep or bruising. But how exactly to you use these magical goodies? Lets find out!


The theory behind color correctors and concealers is that of the of the color wheel - opposite shades cancel each other out. Whilst you know orange cancels out blue

tones, its hard to know which color to use where, so here's a guide to show you.

Purple cancels Yellow

This brightens dullness and combats

sallow undertones.

Pink cancels Brown

Brightens dark spots, dullness, covers age and sun spots and its great for pale skin as it complements beautifully

Yellow Cancels Purple

Calms mild redness, perfect for covering purple and blue undertones and for evening out skin tone.

Green cancels Red

Covers sunburn, rosacea, wind burn, intense redness and the dreaded breakouts!

Red cancels Green

Cancels out stubborn bark circled on deep coloured skin, covered hollow under eyes and also tattoos!

Orange cancels Blue

My particular favourite! Having lived with hereditary dark circles for ever, I just love an orange under eye concealer! Orange covers dark circles and bruised skin. Its great for medium to dark skin tones.


Concealers - will purely and simply disguise any blemishes or shadows. They are normally similar in colour to foundation tones and most are quite translucent so will allow the colour of whatever you are trying to disguise to show through unless you spend a long time working on it.

Correctors - will do much more, as in they will neutralise any blemishes or shadows and they normally come in green, yellow, peach, orange and lavender colours.

One of my fave correctors is Bobbi Brown orange corrector. Its perfect for

covering up my dark circles and I look

super fresh and fab. They're not super expensive and last for ages as you use a thin covering and they go a lonnng way. They also stay put all day, so there's no retouching throughout the day or night... and we all love that!So why not give a concealer or corrector a go. Head into DJ's or Myer for a color consultation and try not to be persuaded by the teenage sales assistant.... you know best, just look for a fresher more fabulous you!

Until next time..... Happy Farming!