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Christmas 2019

Christmas at the Farm

Merry Christmas to everyone!

This year we celebrated Christmas with friends and family across 2 days. Our 4 kids were not able to be with us this year due to work/holiday commitments. Nick is working on call right over the Christmas period, Alicia celebrating with her Mum, Dad and family. Jacob is still enjoying time in Canada, snowboarding his hear out. Alexandra is helping others celebrating at Matilda 159 restaurant in Melbourne making sure everyone has an amazing day and Adam is flipping those Chrissy burgers at Maccas down at Burleigh, but will pop up later on.

So on this Christmas Day, we celebrated with our adopted family and it started with Brekki at Brent's with Brent, our little buddy Elijah and Brent's Family - Carol, Alan and Scott. The wonder of kids opening presents takes us back to when our kids were little, Elijah's face lit up when he received his Duplo and Dolly from Santa and spend the rest of brekki playing rather than eating!

After all that brekki, we said goodbye and headed off home to get ready for Christmas Lunch. This year we put it out there to the Springbrook community for anyone what was alone this Christmas to pop round to enjoy lunch with us.... and we welcomed our mate Scotty - a Springbrook local, to have Roast Pork with all the trimmings, and my famous Trifle.... maybe a beer or 3 were consumed as well!

After all that celebrating Paulie and I plonked on the couch to enjoy an old fashioned Foxtel movie marathon...... total bliss!

A cruisy start to Boxing day was needed, so we got ourselves ready to welcome Tam, Mick and the kids to a Boxing Day Pizza Party!

The new wood-fired Pizza Oven got a good workout, and Paulie was the expert chef on the day, giving me a great chance to sit and sip Champagne with my fave girl Tam!

A few rowdy and raunchy board games were had, and lots of cuddles with baby River.... the best Christmas gift ever!

The Christmas Party will continue right through until the end of January with a fab family holiday to Noosa with Tam and Mick and a trip to Melbourne to see our daughter Alexandra. Lots of time at church with Adam and a belated Christmas Party with Nick Jacob, Alicia and Adam - gotta watch out for that one..... the drinks flow thick and fast from our bartender Son Jacob!

This Christmas, we are beyond grateful for our loyal customers. It was our total pleasure to prepare your Christmas gifts, hampers and bags this year and hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your time with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you at the Farm Stall, a Class, a Dinner or a Stay in 2020.

Cheers from Angi and Paulie x