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Bushfires and then Rain ......

Hey Farmers, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Wow, what a start to 2020, we've had bushfires, especially back home on the South Coast of NSW.... just devastated about my mates and places I regularly hung out at while growing up and raising Adam and Alex when they were younger.

Its heartbreaking to see so many areas and places literally burnt to the ground, and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with everyone affected there.

Id like to think that over Easter, we can take a well deserved break and jump in the car and take a road trip down to the South Coast to support all those mum and dad businesses and show them how much we love them.

Greenwood Farm - Raw Organic Honey

We've been a little quiet on the social scene for a few weeks as you may have seen. After a long and dry drought this season, we've finally got the rains. Our tanks are now overflowing which is good, whats not so good, is that the ground is sodden, the humidity rises and the mould grows over everything. Those that live in QLD and Springbrook in particular know this all too well. Dehumidifiers are running, cleaning escalates to new levels of frantic-nes and essential oil sprays are used everywhere. We do a great job of holding it at bay, and celebrate a break in the weather when the cool breezes we get up the top of the mountain come in and refresh everything, ourselves included.

As a result of the dampness, our Farm Stall has to close. Our eco labels take a beating and as its an outdoor stall, our valuable products get damaged. If your desperate for your faves, the best thing to do, is jump online, and order there, we'll do our best to get your order out to you same day. As soon as the weather clears, you'll be the first to know. Keep your eye on your social for details... the bonus is, make a day of it and come on up to see some of our beautiful waterfalls which are absolutely flourishing at present.

We love to hear from you guys, so if you've ever got any questions or queries about Produce, Baking, Orders or any other aspect of Greenwood Farm, please let us know.... we're all ears!

Until next time..... Happy Farming!