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Best Pizza Ever!

People often ask me.... whats the quickest dinner ever? The answer is always, home made pizza! This blog is all about the wonderful world of Greenwood Farm Pizza!

We all know it, we all love it! Pizza! That flat squishy dough they throw around in the air, slap on a tray and add toppings to.... it comes out of the oven golden, steaming and smelling mouthwatering. Our fave time to have pizza was always when the boys were living at home, and the footy was on, I always had to make meatlovers pizza x 10! These days, Paulie and I still carry on that tradition. After a hectic work week, we collapse on the couch with a beer and watch the QLD teams (even though im a steadfast NSW supporter) battle it out for line honours. Meanwhile the bases have been prepped, the toppings put on..... and that smell!

Today Im going to give you my famous pizza recipe and a few of our fave topping combo's.... bet your family loves them as much as ours!


You dont need a fancy machine to make pizza bases! Just a bowl and your hands, thats it.

2 cups plain or bread flour

2 teaspoons dried yeast - from the flour section at supermarket

2 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons olive oil

enough warm water to bring together - depends on the flour

1 put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, give it a quick swirl with your hands to combine

2 add enough water to bring the dough together, then add the olive oil

3 the consistency should be one of very thick pancake batter, so mix well with your fingers until its coming away from the sides of the bowl

4 turn it out onto a board thats been covered with olive oil... like a slippery jelly wrestling match!

5 knead or pummel the dough until its soft as a baby's bottom, this can take up to 5 minutes, so keep going, its a great work out for tuck shop arms!

6 roll into a ball, put back into the bowl and cover with glad wrap

7 leave to rise for 1 to 2 hours, lift the wrap, give it a gentle poke, if it springs back a bit..... you're in business!

8 take out the dough and gently press onto a bench and cut into 4, 6 or however big you want your bases, then using your hands and some flour, press onto a pizza tray thats been covered with baking paper

9 at this stage, you can use straight away, or pop into a hot oven for 5 minutes until slightly golden, and freeze in freezer bags ready for a meal in a minute!


Now this blog came about because a lovely group of gals visited my Farm Gate recently... they bought our Kick Ass BBQ Sauce. As many of you will know, it makes a fab meatlovers pizza base sauce! And they wanted to know how to use it.

So this part is easy.... Have a look through the fridge and pantry, and use whats there! I've made many a pizza for parties etc from just garlic, olive oil and salt, cut it into slices and its been a huge hit.

For pizza, its whatever goes. Some like spicy, some like vego, some, like my boys, love Meat Lovers! Having your bases prepped in advance makes a quick late night snack or 'im totally over this week' dinner. These are some of our fave toppings.


1 grab your base and spread on some Kick Ass BBQ Sauce or supermarket stuff

2 spread with pizza cheese (a combination of mozzarella, tasty and whatever else

they put in it - I get a cheap block of Coles Tasty Cheese and grate it up with my food processor... there always seems to be mould in the bloody supermarket bags (insert unhappy face here) this way it is available for pizzas, sandwiches and toasties

3 spread with slices of pepperoni salami - the hotter the better unless your Paulie!, cut up shaved ham, chopped bacon, little blobs of left over mince meat, sliced onion, olives, liberal sprinklings of spicy black pepper and a drizzle more Kick Ass BBQ Sauce

4 pop in a very hot 200 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes, you'll know when its done, cause it will smell amazing!


1 grab your base and spread with our Pizza Sauce

2 spread with your pizza cheese

3 look through the fridge... I'm sure there's stuff in there thats just about ready to

throw out! My faves are: eggplant, capsicum, olive, fresh tomatoes, herbs, onion, fetta cheese, zucchini slices that you've done with a peeler, same goes for potato and sweet potato

4 whack into the hot oven and wait for those smells


Yes, yes, I know.... you purists are getting ready to bag me! Look, I bloody love a good ham and pineapple, and this is why.... you always have the ingredients on hand!

1 reach for your pizza base, and spread with our Pizza Sauce

2 top with a liberal sprinkling of pizza cheese

3 slice up 5 garlic cloves then crush with a garlic crusher or back of a knife

4 slice up some shredded ham (and plenty of it) open a can of pineapple and take out a few slices, place this on a piece of paper towel to dry a bit, then cut into chunks and top your pizza!

5 its oven time.... go on, trust me, its going to be delish!

So there you have it! Pizza Party at your house..... just let me know what time to arrive!

If you need any further help or advice, just give me a buzz. All the sauces are available in our online shop, so head over there and grab them so their ready to go! Good Luck!