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7 Ways To Use Up Christmas Leftovers

Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers and subscribers.... yes I know, Im a day late, that's what you get for working Christmas Day! It was a great day for us helping Jennifer and her family celebrate Christmas in Tallebudgera Valley (check out our insta post for more on that!) then home to celebrate Greenwood Farm style.

We had the usual ham, turkey, veggies and of course, our famous Pudding, Tiramisu and just like you, we have a heap of leftovers! So what do you do with them all? Here's a list of some yummo ways to use up your Christmas Feast!

1 Salads: Most of us had a huge ham on the bone. It will take you a while to get

through it, so keep it moist by rinsing your tea towel or ham bag in fresh water with a dash of white vinegar then re wrapping every day, then store your ham in the fridge. This can then be used for healthy and delish salads. I just slice up a bit, place it on a plate with lettuce, tomato and all the salady things like hard boiled eggs, beetroot and a slice of pineapple! Fresh and yummy.

2 Pizzas: What a way to use up the ham. Make or buy your own pizza bases then spread with our Kick Ass BBQ Sauce, top with Cheese and sprinkle on your own fave toppings!

3 Omelettes: I love omelettes. Whip up a couple of eggs, add ham, turkey, cheese, mushrooms, leftover veggies and pour into a non stick pan and cook until the egg is done.

4 San Choy Bau: This one uses turkey..... Simply chop spring onions, leftover veggies, ginger, garlic and chopped turkey. Fry off in a wok and add a mix of soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, a little chicken stock cube and a teaspoon of cornflour. Stir until combined and wrap in fresh large iceberg lettuce leaves.

5 Christmas Puddings: Oh yeah! Loveeee Christmas cake and puddings! When I was a girl, I hated them, but these days, they're making a huge comeback! I freeze slices of leftover cake, double wrap in glad wrap, then place in the freezer, great for when guests pop in. Another way to enjoy is to make up or buy a serve or 10 of Brandy Custard... heavy on the brandy! Makes any pudding taste amazing!

6 Fruit Salad and Smoothies: Made a healthy dessert for Christmas? Use the left over fruit from your platter to pop in a fruit salad or healthy smoothie. They make amazing brekki's on the run while you're enjoying those long holidays in the sun.

7 Soup's and Stock's: Once your down to the last bits of your turkey and ham, how about making your own soups and stocks? Ham bones make the most amazing Pea and Ham soup and the turkey carcass can be put to good use as your next chicken gravy or jus.

Well there you have it... lots of ways to use up those leftovers. Need recipes? Just give me a buzz and Ill be happy to email you out my fave recipes to help you out.

We hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Christmas Day filled with love, laughter and a little glass of something fabulous! We hope you continue to love what we do in 2018 and its been our pleasure to provide you with the very best organic, healthy and fabulous products this year.

Until next time.... Happy Farming.