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5 Ways to Dial Down COVID-19 Stress

Anyone else feel like they’ve been running on adrenaline the last couple of weeks? Fear and anxiety can easily become overwhelming, especially when it’s coming from every direction. Sometimes it’s important to just say “stop.” Give yourself permission to put the worry down and think about other things for a while. Here are some suggestions for dialing down anxiety:

1. Take breaks from social media and news

Turn off the TV, stop scrolling your phone, enjoy a conversation where the rule is nobody’s allowed to mention coronavirus! 2. Take care of your body Breathe deeply, stretch and quiet your mind with meditation. Get out in the fresh air for regular exercise, get plenty of sleep, eat well, and avoid overdoing alcohol. 3. Do something you enjoy Pick up a book, flick through a magazine, do some gardening, play video games—whatever helps you unwind. 4. Talk about how you’re feeling It’s ok to be worried. Don’t keep it locked inside. If you don’t have a friend to talk with, reach out to a counselling service like Lifeline or Beyond Blue.

5. Cook Up A Storm

If you're like me, when I'm stressed or worried, I hit the kitchen! I bake, casserole and stir try my worry away. If theres too much food for Paulie and I, I give it away to people in our community who are in need. In the next few days Im going to putting up my fave recipes on social, they're quick, easy, and usually use ingredients that you already have at home. Stay tuned.

I hope you stay well, be as self distancing as you can, and find the good amongst the not so good.

Angi x