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10 Ways To Beat The Flu

After a recent, and long, battle with the flu, we've got the top 10 tips to stay healthy and recover quickly to get you back on your feet quicker

this season!

Errrrrrr, the flu! Is there nothing worse?

It starts as just a tickle in your throat or a feeling of just being tired. Then it starts. The throat gets scratchier, it starts hurting to swallow, and you know you're in for a world of trouble.

Today we've got the top ten tips to get better quickly and get yourself back into action!


I know, I know, you've got stuff to do, you're super busy on a plan, your customers.... I get it! But no one else wants your germs and to get sick! Call the boss, or let your customers know that you'll be taking some down time! I say allow at least 1 week off work (in my case it was 4!) to fully recover from your symptoms and get back into action.


Yep, here's that chance you've always wanted to sleep in! Cover up, close the blinds, get your partner to handle the kids and turn off your phone! Sleep as much as you can in the early days as rest will help the body to fight the bugs.


Your run down! Your body need special nutrition to get well. Sore throats benefit from honey and lemon drinks with a hit of ginger. Our Raw Organic Honey worked a treat for my flu as it contains all natural enzymes, probiotics and natural bee properties that heal and restore. Heres my recipe for the best throat soother:

. Take a cup, add 2 tablespoons of Greenwood Farm Honey

. Squeeze a small lemon and add it to the cup

. Finely grate a 5cm knob of ginger with a microplane and scrape it into the cup. . . Top up with boiling water and sip your drink slowly.

You can also make this drink into a icy slushy instead of a hot drink by adding ice to the ingredients and blending in a blender...... so soothing to a sore throat.


You really dont feel like eating very much when your sick. So the best thing to do is graze on healthy food thats easily digestible. If your hangin by yourself, its hard to get up and get yourself sorted to cook a decent meal, so just pick easy food like vegemite on a bit of wholegrain toast, an apple thats been cut up, bananas or fruit of any sort. I've got a get well quick soup that our family calls Sick Soup, cause I make it when my family is sick. Its the old Chicken Soup remedy and here's the recipe:

. Chop up a chicken fillet into very small chunks and add to a hot pan with a bit of oil

. In a food processor, add 1 onion, 1 carrot and 2 sticks of celery and process until its finely chopped, add this to the pan with the chicken and cook until slightly


. Add 1 big box of Campbell's chicken stock (full salt content) and stir

. If you've got it hanging around, chop some parsley or other herbs and add some black pepper

. Cook the soup for around 15 minutes and eat with a bit of hot buttered toast cut into little soldiers that you can dip into the soup


When your throat is super sore you'll need something to help you out. We use Diflam throat spray. Its got a little thin nozzle that goes all the way back there and hits the sore spot perfectly. This spray has an aesthetic effect and helps you to swallow and takes away the pain a bit. If your chest is feeling heavy the old fashioned things are still the go. Vicks Vapour Rub works a treat, and also helps to unblock a stuffy nose. My mum used this on us and I used it on my kids and I still used it on Paulie! Get a decent amount on the tips of your fingers then rub into the chest and neck area really firmly to generate some heat on the body. Keep rubbing until there's not much left on your hand and your chest feels hot. Cover up with an old t-shirt cause this stuff stinks, jump back into bed and snuggle down. You can feel it starting to work immediately to break up the congestion in your chest..... I swear by it.


When you've had enough of being in bed and cant sleep anymore, time to hit the couch for some movies! Thank god for Netflix and Foxtel on Demand! I think I must of watched 3 movies a day at the peak of my flu.... old ones, new releases and all those movies I've wanted to see for ages but never had time! Don't feel guilty about not being at work or looking after the kids..... just take care of you!


Big deal..... the washing's been there for a few days.... there's dishes in the sink. Just rinse them off, or put the washing on and ask your partner or a neighbour to hang them out for you! Your main priority is to sleep, eat, shower and get well.


If after 4 days your still feeling like crap, head to the Dr's. You probably need some antibiotics to take care of any hacking cough or inflammation in your chest! I did, and I immediately felt a little better.


Don't rush back into work or activities. Give yourself a break from the gym, running round after kids and take it easy for the time being. Find time to rest throughout each day. Even when you feel a bit better, you can get knocked down again because you're rushing back to life.... monitor your energy level and act accordingly.


You're finally feeling on top of the sickness. Now it time to build your immunity back up, but slowly does it. Lots of nutrients are needed now. Leafy green veg, chilli, garlic, ginger, bone broths and try to stay away from coffee, sweeties and high carb and processed food. Also avoid taking alternative immune boosting tablets... the natural way is definitely the way to go!

So there you have it. Follow these 10 ideas and you'll be feeling better and back on your feet in no time. Please let me know if you have any other ideas or family secrets that your family has used for generations.

Happy Farming.....