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10 Top Stress Busters!

Hey Farmers!

We're all stressed! I've had a week where pretty much everyone I've spoken to has major stresses.... and the Farm is no exception. We've had to move a huge farm into a little rainforest house, loose our 10 gorgeous chickens, moving kids out, (although, Im secretly happy with this one) not to mention the day to day cost of living. We're all feeling it! Our solution? The top ten stress busters, that will have us all jumping for joy and really appreciating the life we have..... Yes Please!

1 Practice Gratitude

Practising gratitude everyday (preferably in the morning before things get shitty) helps us remember what is truly important in life. Here's a great idea. Grab an empty jar or box, little scraps of paper and a pen. Every day, write down things your grateful for, fold it up and place it in the jar. After a while, the jar fills up, and you can re-read the little papers for a bit of a lift.

2 Sweat It Out

Get your endorphin's on board to help you out. Start a workout regime. It can be as simple as doing some stretches before you jump in the shower or taking your little doggie for a walk! Go for a run, lift some weights, even attend the dreaded gym class....... errrrr, or not! Stretching helps me to stay flexible and fabulous. I must do it more often!

3 Drink Some Tea

Studies have proven that drinking green tea in the morning not only provides a

gentle caffeine hit you need to jump start your day, but its also great for your immune system, skin and hydration..... You can always have your latte after brekki on the way to work!

4 Mind Set

People get all weird when the word meditation is mentioned. Its conjures up all sorts of hippies sitting round chanting and moaning. For me, its just a matter of getting a few free moments, sitting somewhere quiet by myself and letting positive thoughts take over. Simply listening (not talking) to the universe, God, whatever your thing is, goes a long way. Im always so busy thinking about my next cake, bouquet or grazing table, that finding time to just tune in and listen is my worst enemy. Take a moment to simply think about what you hope to accomplish throughout your day and envision yourself getting the job done like the boss you are!

5 Eat Well

Putting healthy foods at the top of your priority list is a must. If you do this, your body will respond with vital energy and health and will do the hard work for you. You wont feel heavy, bloated or agitated or guilty! Now, I make gourmet treats for a living..... so I have to be careful. I might have a little slice of this or that, but for the most part, I don't over indulge, a little on the lips... a life time on the hips? You get what Im saying! If possible, try to plan our your weekly meals and make them healthy. Not only will your body love it, but your shopping trip and wallet will love it too!

6 Clean Up Your Shiz

Im sometimes amazed how people can live in a cluttered and filthy house - insert screwed up face here.... How does this even happen? I love cleaning up as I go. If stuff is in a weird spot (looking at Paulie here) just grab it as you're walking past and put it where it belongs! Find a place for everything. When you've finished your coffee, and the choccies you had with it, take the cup and wrappers to the kitchen, wash the cup and throw the rubbish in the bin. When my kids were still at home, I had a big plastic tub in their rooms, if something was left where is shouldn't be - including dirty dishes, Id pick it up and put in in there.... then it was their drama to fix... not mine! There are a million people that can help you with a clean up if you need to. Check out Airtasker if its just too big a job for you.

7 Breathe

When you feel yourself starting to slide - I've finally found my tipping point, just

stop what you're doing. Take 5 deep breaths, right from the bottom of your

tummy. Open your arms wide. Look at the sky and allow yourself to just breathe. Then shake your arms and do a little wiggle. Deep breathing releases oxygen into your brain allowing you to think clearer and calmer.

8 De-Clutter Your Workspace

Maybe I'm just a little obsessive, but I cant work on a cluttered desk. I have a big shelving unit with lots of little storage boxes behind me. Everything is right where I need it. I have a good desk lamp for my midnight blog writing, a nice comfy chair so Mr Kippy can join me and be warm, and a few nice things around me. My work space is clean, functional and totally workable.... after all, that's why Im there! Clear off your desk. Give it a good wipe over, then reposition things in a practical way. Take a trip to Officeworks for inexpensive and funky ways to store your files, folders, stationary and buy a cool pot plant or hanging picture to dress up your area. You'll want to work if your room is amazing!

9 Wind Down

At the end of a long, tiring and shitty day, you've come home, have to cook dinner for everyone, help with homework, do the laundry for tomorrow.... I get it, it sucks! Stop. Take a few moments to hug your kids, kiss the hubby, have a glass of wine outside and chat about the GOOD things that happened in your day.... there must of been at least one! You can always go back and do those chores later! You'll find you're super relaxed and more productive in that time before bed.

10 Bedtime Ritual

Ok, the kids are fed, bathed and in bed. Hubby's snoring on the couch watching the Tour De France... oh wait... that's me! Its time for you to relax! Plug your phone, iPad and other devices in to recharge in another room other than where you sleep. Turn off your computer. Your day is done! Have a shower, or bath with you're fave scented body product. Allow your body to be still, let thoughts of the day melt away. Grab a warm milk with a bit of Greenwood Farm Chai Latte, hop into bed and read a novel, or your fave magazine. Have your room

temperature warm but not stuffy - we keep a window slightly open even in winter. The fresh air will help to revitalise tired bodies and brains and get you ready for what lies in store for you tomorrow. Do NOT take your phone to bed and watch crazy FB or YouTube videos until you fall asleep. DO take a pen and paper and leave it on your bedside table. If you wake up with stressful stuff on your mind or you have a crazy good dream for your next huge idea, write it down and then its out of your brain, you can relax and then head back to sleep.

So there you have it. Hopefully incorporating some of these ideas into your daily ritual will help ease the stress we are all feeling. Have something else that relieves stress for you? Let us know... God knows, we need it too! Until next time... Happy Farming.