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10 DIY Christmas Gifts

Its 4 weeks until Christmas! Hard to believe eh, we just dont know where the year has gone.

This year will be the first year that our family won't be together at Christmas...... sniff, sniff. Our two older boys now have wives and hang out with their families, our daughter lives and works at Entrecote in Melbourne and our youngest son is on the coast... but also working..... guess thats the life of a hospitality family! So this year, we will also be working and helping to make other families Christmas a bit tastier.

We will however, be giving these cool Mason Jar gifts to friends and family, and you can too! Inexpensive and fun. Easy and cheap..... well, not cheap like you cant afford to buy them a REAL present, its the thought of making something special just for them and after all, its the thought that counts, right?

1 Girlie Jar - Fill jar with nail polish, nail file, hand cream and cotton gloves.

2 Mocha Jar - Grab some chocolate covered nuts, and a few sachets of those Moccona instant glam coffees.

3 Handmade Bath Salts - Epsom Salts, Coconut Oil, Food Coloring and Fragrance - like this peppermint one!

4 Just Add Butter Cookies - grab your fave choc chip cookie recipe, then add to a jar - minus the butter.

5 Shake And Make Pancakes - grab a couple of bags of pancake mix, tip into your jar and your all set.

6 Gardeners Jar - head to Bunnings, grab a packet or two of seeds, a little trowel, some soil, a little watering can and its done.

7 Night At The Movies - Cinemas, Netflix, Stan and other movie companies have great deals this time of year. Buy a subscription, or a book of tickets and fill up the jar with unpopped popcorn, hide the tickets or receipt inside.

8 Sweet Tooth's Jar - Fill with all their fave mini bars like flakes, picnics and bounty bars - thats my kinda jar!

9 Vouchers For Stuff - One year I gave Paulie a jar filled with little bits of paper. I wrote on the 'vouchers' things like, 1 foot rub, 1 night off doing the dishes, 1 carwash. You can make them as naughty, or as nice as you like!

10 Baby Jar - Someone having a new baby? Include baby bootees, a nappy, baby powder, toys, dummy, and a free baby sitting stint!

See, how easy is that! Just buy big jars from the $2 store, some Christmassy Ribbon, and make up your own labels. Cheap and Easy, and oh so thoughtful!

Until next time...... Happy Farming!