bees and hives

At Greenwood Farm, our passion is bees and we take them seriously, and it shows.  We put care, detail and attention into each and every hive, and its all very Zen.

We're all about the bees, not commercial enterprise, after all, theyre our family.

Our bees are bred to be super gentle and our practices are very relaxed. Perfect for Beginners!

We take time to approach each hive with love in our hearts and treat them like the hard, earnest workers and Queen's they are.

Our biosecurity is paramount and our methods are 100% natural.  No chemicals, nasties, and our honey is void of any heat treatment or additives of any kind.  Its bottled in glass, the same day its gently extracted off the frame and the frames replaced back in the hives to give the girls a head very Zen! 

We are registered with Australian authorities and regularly lecture around the Gold Coast and Brisbane to both beginners and advanced beekeepers.

We just love teaching Beekeeping. Our 3 different classes are held regularly over the warmer months so you can learn the ins and outs of keeping your very own bees for pollination of your crops, flower garden, a want to give back to the environment, or you can get back to basics and harvest your very own delicious honey.

Everything is supplied: Safety Gear, Tools, Handouts, Guidebooks, Equipment...

There's even a delicious home baked morning tea!

Our philosophy of living simply, self sufficiently and in harmony with nature drives us to give our participants both a theoretical and hands on experience thats fun AND educational!

ever wanted to own your own beehive?

So you want to become a beekeeper, but not sure where to start?

Are you time poor, or just dont know how to set up? Greenwood Farm & Co to the rescue!  

We sell nucleus hives just after winter and summer for both new and experienced beekeepers.  

Prior to buying one of our hives, we insist on you doing a Greenwood Farm & Co Bee Basics course, so you can manage your brand new hive with confidence when you get it home.


These are held on the first Saturday of each month from September through to April.

During those classes we also provide a list of necessary equipment and contacts moving forward and you receive an industry recognized guidebook so you can keep learning at home.


We love following up with you at home and are always available in the early stages for information.  

our hive costs

NUCLEUS HIVE - beginners

 $260 - ex GST

This includes:

Corflute Nucleus Hive, Bees, 5 frames, Mated Queen,

  and Advice on Placement 

(we do insist on you doing a Bee Basics class prior to purchase)

FULL DEPTH HIVE - market gardens, restaurants  and orchards

 $1000 pa - ex GST

This includes:

Full Depth Wood Hive, Bees, 10 frames, Mated Queen,

Full 12 month professional management 

our next bee basics class
Our next Bee Basics Class will be held on Saturday 6th March from 9am to 12.30pm
Everything is supplied from the safety gear, clothing and tools right through to a delicious, farm made morning tea
You receive practical, theoretical and hands on experience that will prepare you for your brand new hive.  
Head to the shop now to purchase your ticket.... but be quick, there's only 6 participants per class!

Other Greenwood Farm & Co courses include: 

Hive Management and Pests and Diseases

We support you throughout the whole bee journey! 

sorry, we cannot cater for children under 18 or those with mobility issues

call 0413101582 for more info or to order your hives and queens for the upcoming spring!

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