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Welcome to Greenwood Farm & Co

Angi, a chef with over 35 yers experience and originally from Merimbula NSW has farming and hospitality in her blood.

She worked extensively at many of their top restaurants and was the owner of the Lakeview Hotel, a popular watering hole and eatery in town.

After a few years off to raise the family, she went back to her first love and revisited her skills in the luxe market of events, hosting wonderful parties for celebrities and the young and fabulous.

These days, Greenwood Farm & Co is Angi's 5th restaurant and she's a multi award winning chef with a huge social following.

Paul, a born and bred Ipswich boy, is an old fashioned doer... if things have to be done, he just gets in and does it.  Paul works full time in the construction space, but finds time to build things and lectures Australia wide on all things bees, trees and the environment.  He is the ultimate host with the most for the Private Dining Room.

A love of entertaning and creating incredible experiences for their guests sees the team at Greenwood Farm & Co continue to rate as Gold Coast's top Private Dining and Cooking School experience... and the awards keep coming!

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Greenwood Farm & Co
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2922 Springbrook Road
Springbrook Mountain QLD