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Angi and Paul began Greenwood Farm in 2011. Their dream was to create a space within their urban property to live the farm life!

Angi, a chef, originally from Merimbula NSW has farming and hospitality in her blood.  She worked extensively at many of their top restaurants and was the owner of the Lakeview Hotel - a popular watering hole and eatery in town.  After a few years off to raise her family, she concentrated her time in the luxe market of events, hosting wonderful parties for the young and fabulous!  These days she is a multi award wining chef with a huge media following.

Paul, a born and bred Ipswich boy is an old fashioned doer. If it has to be done, just get in and do it.  Paul is the apiarist and makes sure all the bees get their little bee needs met.  He builds stuff, lectures at events and tends to the produce. 

One beehive quickly became 10 and 4 chooks grew to 8 on the little 1/4 acre block, so the move was on to go bigger.... and Greenwood Farm was born!

A move to their current location on Springbrook Mountain, saw the couple use their skills to host and teach others how to Build it, Grow it, Cook it and LIVE IT!

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2922 Springbrook Road, Springbrook

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